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Faculty Connections

We often collaborate with faculty to present webinars and workshops for colleagues. See our past collaborations below. We welcome future presentation ideas and collaborations! Please email us at

Course Organization 

Presenters: Kayla Gori, Office of Digital Learning, Kaylyn Kinney, Adjunct Instructor of Music

This webinar highlights strategies for designing an organized, high-quality hybrid or online course. Accessibility, aesthetics, thematic, modular, and chronological design formats in eClass are topics of discussion, as well as the alignment of learning objectives and course goals in context to the way content is organized. We also introduce a pre-designed template for MSMC instructors to use when developing their hybrid or online course on eClass.

The Ins and Outs of Course Sharing

Presenters: Denise Garofalo, Librarian for Systems & Catalog Services; Kayla Gori, Office of Digital Learning

It’s a common practice for collaborating instructors to share eClass content amongst themselves, but how do you know that your content is secure in the meantime? In this brief session, we will tell you about the procedures we use to protect your intellectual property, and how you can work with us to securely share your course content with other instructors (if desired). We also share our tips for sharing content with other instructors yourself, and briefly touch upon incorporating Open Educational Resources (OER) into your course!

Using Zoom for Instructional Purposes – The Basics

Presenters: Anthony Scardillo, Assoc. Professor of Marketing; Charles Lynch, Office of Digital Learning

We explore the best practices for Zoom instructional sessions, as well as go over the basics of your account, profile, settings, microphone, video, backgrounds, security, screen sharing, chat and participant options. We will also discuss ways that Zoom can be used for one-on-one student support and virtual office hours.



Designing for Low-Stakes Assessments

Presenters: Marie-Therese Sulit, Professor of English; William Biersack, Office of Digital Learning

Guided by your course learning objectives, using shorter, more regular assessments may provide students a better foundation of knowledge and practice with the material—especially in a time when high-stakes exams are less optimal. In this workshop, we will discuss low-stakes assessments, and how to create them in eClass

Aligning Assessments with the eClass Gradebook

Presenters: Anne-Marie Uebbing, Assoc. Professor of Nursing; William Biersack, Office of Digital Learning

Learn about the relationship between eClass assessments (assignments and quizzes) and the gradebook. In this webinar, we review the basics of creating an “assignment” submission drop box, but also go beyond the nuts and bolts of assessment creation and management by reviewing best practices and helpful hints that can contribute toward a better, more efficient experience for both you and your students. This is a good opportunity to ensure alignment with e-assessments and gradebook, and with your syllabus!

Improving Writing in Discussion Forums

Presenters: Gina Evers, Director of the Writing Center/Adjunct Instructor; Kayla Gori, Office of Digital Learning

Student to Student Engagement in Online Environments

Presenters: Kathleen Venable, Associate Professor of Mathematics

Communication and Collaboration in Hybrid Classrooms

Presenters: Victor Azuaje, Prof. of Hispanic Studies; Kayla Gori, Office of Digital Learning

In hybrid learning environments, students will be either online or in-class, or both. In this workshop, we will discuss opportunities for enhanced organization, communication and collaboration between all learners, no matter where they sit!

Copyright and Fair Use in Online Courses

Reflections from Teaching Online

Presenters: Scott Russell, Assoc. Professor of Sports Management and Business