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More Tools (LTIs/Plug-ins)

Occasionally, external learning tools (also known as “plug-ins” or “LTIs”) are integrated with eClass for facilitating digital coursework. These specific tools are designed and have been added to eClass in order for instructors to be able to create, assign, and grade course materials from third party vendors. This allows students to conduct course work via an embedded window in eClass, or via a predesigned link form the tool to a link on their tools page.

Tools we have in eClass ready for use are: Zoom, Cengage, TurnItIn, McGrawHill, Respondus, ExamSoft, and more!

These allow faculty/students to connect to other external learning platforms via eClass. While LTIs are not products that students engage with directly within eClass, they may read user profiles (e.g., see if a user is an instructor or a student) and may send information back to eClass, such as grades in certain cases.

  • Cengage/MindTap/WebAssign – commonly used by Division of Math & IT
  • ExamSoft – commonly used by the School of Nursing
  • McGraw Hill/Pearson – commonly used by the School of Business and Division of Natural Science
  • Niche Academy – commonly used by the MSMC Library
  • Taskstream – commonly used by the Division of Education
  • – commonly used by students and Office of Student Success
  • Zoom – commonly used by instructors to integrate their synchronous Zoom meetings into eClass. Zoom accounts must be established/created with IT prior to use in eClass.

A plug-in acts as an installed program within eClass. Typically, plug-ins will create additional features to support or facilitate learning within an eClass course beyond what an LTI typically offers.

  • Poodll – a suite of built-in audio/video recording tools in eClass
  • Respondus LockDown Browser – preventative software to curb academic dishonesty during digital examinations
  • Turnitin – plagiarism software

The addition of external tools to eClass are approved at the discretion of our office and our LMS hosting provider, OpenLMS.

Per College policies, if an integration is approved and implemented, our office cannot provide support or training to students or faculty for any third-party (non-native eClass) tools. We will remain responsible for ensuring that the integration is functional for use within eClass, but general support requests should go to the developers that created the third-party tool.

Please email for more information.