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Online Student Orientation Tutorial (OLSOT)

The Online Learning Student Orientation Tutorial (OLSOT) is a self-paced, fully online tutorial that prepares first-time online students for the online learning environment. It provides important information and policies regarding online courses, exercises with experimental online activities, and tips for building soft skills that are important for success in an online course.

The OLSOT is required for all students taking an online course at MSMC for the first time.

The “Online Tutorial” Hold

Upon registering for an online course for the first time, students will have the “Online Tutorial” hold placed on their student account. This hold will appear under the “Alerts” section of the My MSMC Portal. Within the alert message, students will see a link to the tutorial.

The Online Tutorial hold will prevent future course registrations.

Students who have not completed the OLSOT will continue to have a hold on their account, and will not be able to register for future courses.

Other Considerations
  • Students should expect to spend ~1 hour completing this tutorial (students may complete the OLSOT in less or more time than estimated, depending on their learning style and/or familiarity with tutorial topics.)
  • Upon completion, an automatic confirmation message will be sent to the student’s MSMC email address. Students should retain this email for their records.
  • After completion, students are not required to participate in the OLSOT again.
  • We recommend using a PC or Mac desktop or laptop to complete this tutorial. Certain elements of this tutorial may not be compatible with mobile devices.
  • This tutorial is completely self-paced, and is not monitored by a facilitator.

If you have questions regarding the requirements of this tutorial, or the “Online Tutorial” hold, please email