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Zoom in eClass

For the convenience of students and faculty, Zoom has been integrated into eClass and can be built into your online courses. The Zoom tool allows instructors to schedule remote class meetings directly through their eClass course sites. Scheduling through eClass also allows everyone to see the meeting schedule and join meetings all within a self contained link in the course site. This creates further security measures for course meetings, ease of access for students, and the ability to post meeting recordings all within eClass.

To create and schedule Zoom meetings via eClass:
  1. Navigate to your course and turn edit mode on
  2. Select “add an activity or resource” at the bottom of any section/tab
  3. Select “external tool” from the menu
  4. From the pre-configured tool options, select Zoom and click “Save and Display.”
Once the tool is added, you will be able to schedule a meeting. When doing so, select “record automatically” from the menu of options, so that students will be able to access the recorded session via the same Zoom link in eClass at a later time.

To learn more please view our video playlist.

The IT Support Center manages Zoom for the College. If you need to establish an MSMC Zoom account or need other types of Zoom support, please contact